Past. Present deals with the perception of memory in terms of what was real and unreal.

Memory is like a fossil, it puts us in front with the past. Dealing with the theme of a recollection transforms our mind in the witness of a trace of what was once.

These are not images of what was photographed a time ago. Are images from my memory. I make a change operation from the immaterial status of memory to the physical dimension represented by the celluloid material of the photographic film surface.

Each image represents a point from the immateriality of my memory.

Traces of Fantasy

The project is looking for present traces made by the ideological practices that underlie the development of the Romanian urban space during the communist era.

The state’s desire to transform the Romanian agrarian society into an industrial one, the depopulation of the villages and filling the new created cities with people, are the main instruments used by the government to concretize the utopian concept “The New Man”.

Floating Against the Stream

It’s a project that documents the cities developed along the Danube river on the Romania territory.

Very carefully mapped and documented in other states, on it’s last portion Danube becomes a ghostly river. Except of the Danube Delta, there are only few visual informations regarding how it looks and what it happens along those 1075 km through passing the river on the Romania’s territory.

It is a big gap between the potential both touristic and economic of the region and the actual status. It seems that here was a conflict between industrialization and nature, a conflict won by nature.

Choosing the Moment

The main focus of the project  is the processes of selecting and combining images and also it is a self-referential imagistic study, with references to Roland Barthes (La chambre claire: Notes sur la photographie, 1980) to the “Studium” and “Punctum” concepts.

A Diagram of Utopia

The places and the people that I’ve photographed in this project access a part of my childhood’s memory. This project is a subjective radiogram of three working-class neighborhoods of Bucharest.

These neighborhoods were built between ’70s and ’80s, in order to accommodate the people that left the villages and came towards the new industrial centers, because these kind of urbanization offers a better life perspective for them and for their families. My parents came in Bucharest in 1974, attracted by the better life conditions offered by this big city and in 1983 they moved in this housing block from Dristor neighborhood.

The images are made in Dristor, Pantelimon and Titan neighborhoods, but there are also isolated images, outside of these three areas, taken in places where I used to go with my parents when I was a child.


Documents the homeless people community which lives in the sewers around the Central Station in Bucharest. This community numbered around 100 people with ages between 7 and 45 years.

The main character of the project is Bruce Lee, the leader of this community, a 42 year old man who lives on the streets since the age of 16. He lives in his own world, in which he pretends to be the emissary of God. Bruce Lee considers that he was sent on Earth with the mission to take care of all homeless people. For all those people he is not Bruce Lee, he is “Daddy”. 

In July 2015 Bruce Lee wast arrested and convicted for drug dealing.

 In Articulo Mortis

In Articulo Mortis is the moment when a layman decides to join the Trappist Monachal Order.
It is the moment of a man’s first epileptic seizure. It is chance and conjuncture.
It is the decisive moment for the future of a real image. The image can disappear or live on in the form of a photograph.
It is about both schizophrenia and the onset of misanthropy.
It is the vital moment in a morning when the entire human suffering revealed itself to the man that would be facing the firing squad in the next second, Fiodor Mihailovici Dostoievski.
It is the moment of an ascetic’s spiritual enlightenment. It is the moment of jumping into the void inside a dream.
It is the magic moment of a night when an amateur like Captain Rouget creates the iconic song, Chants de guerre pour l’Armee du Rhin.
It is the frail moment that mankind’s future depends on. On the 26th of November 1983, Oko reports an USA attack towards URSS.

It is the moment when sergeant Dimtriy Petrov decides to label this report as an error. It is about both turmoil and claustrophobia. Amorphous state.
It is the moment of creation, of primordial failure and Providential fatality.